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Get coached by a top retail and productivity expert who has revolutionized frontline leadership coaching 

Get coached by a top retail and productivity expert who has revolutionized frontline leadership coaching 

Experience Personalized 24/7 TimeFlex Coaching at No cost

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Upcoming retail programs include:

  • Big Ticket BoostLeading Your Team to Higher Average Sale
  • Raise the Bar!: Raise Expectations and Accountability to Lead Higher Performance and Results
  • Add-On Magic: Lead Your Staff to Unlocking the Power of Extras 

Upcoming other programs include:

  • The StressLess Day: Quickly Reduce Your Stress While Increasing Your Joy and Happiness.
  • Retake Charge of Your Life: Discover and practice the art of Taking Responsibility at Work and Home. 
  • Be the Amazing Boss: The Relentlessly Simple Way to Create Exceptional Teams and Personal Success

Innovative and Modern Coaching

Get Support and Feedback When You Need It and Where You Are

"Want to improve as a leader, coach, employee, and person? Then Doug Fleener is the right coach for you." - Pandora manager

"Fleener's style is informal and friendly, but what he has to say is inspiring and spot on."

I'm Doug Fleener, the former director of retail for Bose Corporation and a recognized expert in retail and daily performance. Throughout my career, I've been passionate about working directly with frontline leaders, especially the next generation. It's my mission to revolutionize the way coaching is delivered in the retail industry. 

"And That's When It Hit Me..."

... traditional coaching methods were often too rigid for retail and too expensive for both individuals and their companies. As a result, many promising leaders were missing out on the opportunity to benefit from my expertise. When coaching sessions did occur, they were often squeezed into inconvenient weekly schedules, and feedback was delayed, failing to capitalize on the moments when it was most needed

Introducing Learn, Coach, and Grow
Driven by this realization, I created "Learn, Coach, and Grow"—a modern, innovative program that is transforming self and business development in the retail sector. This game-changing approach combines personalized coaching with dynamic QuickStart Learning modules and robust accountability measures to ensure rapid growth and significant impact on both personal and professional fronts.

The Power of TimeFlex Coaching
At the core of Learn, Coach, and Grow is 24/7 TimeFlex Coaching. With TimeFlex, coaching sessions are not confined by synchronized schedules. Participants can interact with me through a digital platform at their convenience, allowing for meaningful interaction without the need for coordinating real-time meetings. This Anytime Personalized Asynchronous Coaching ensures that you receive genuine feedback, encouragement, and learning directly from me—no AI-generated responses.

Tailored Coaching with Coachics
To further enhance the coaching experience, I introduced Coachics—specially designed coaching sessions tailored to address each participant's unique challenges and opportunities. These strategic, real-world applications are crafted to accelerate results and ensure lasting development.

Your Personalized Path to Success
Through Learn, Coach, and Grow, store owners and managers now have access to a level of coaching previously considered unaffordable or unattainable. This innovative approach ensures that no matter where you are or how packed your schedule might be, you can still reach your fullest potential.

Join me and the growing community of retail professionals who are navigating their path to success with greater flexibility, support, and tailored coaching. Embrace this opportunity to rapidly grow yourself and your results with Learn, Coach, and Grow.

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Our current Retail Coaching Programs

With QuickStart Learning Modules and TimeFlex Coaching 

The 3-Day Retail Sales Performance Booster

Experience TimeFlex coaching risk-free

No-Cost Trial

Experience the power of TimeFlex Coaching firsthand while implementing a transformative mindset and proven framework to rapidly boost your sales performance..

  • Day 1: Mastering the Four Elements of The Daily Performance Blueprint. Unlock immediate changes that will elevate your staff's sales skills to new heights.
  • Day 2: Accelerating Your Success with The Fast Gap Closure Boost. Skyrocket your sales and swiftly bridge the gap between your store's current performance and ambitious goals.
  • ​Day 3: Leveraging the Power of Forward-Focused Feedback. Learn and apply in-the-moment coaching techniques to close performance gaps and sustain your team's upward momentum.

Retail time management breakthrough

Unlock 20% More Time, Supercharge Productivity, and Elevate Your Store and Personal Success Today!


This transformative three-week program empowers retail leaders to reclaim up to 20% of their time, enabling focused leadership that drives store performance and results. Here's how we'll revolutionize your approach to time management:

  • Week 1: Intro, Mindset and Daily Breakthrough Strategies. Discover powerful strategies to optimize your daily routine and streamline operations. Learn to leverage retail-specific time management techniques that set the stage for enhanced productivity and effectiveness.
  • Week 2Unlock Your Hidden Time. Identify and neutralize the hidden time thieves and productivity pitfalls unique to retail environments. Develop personalized action plans to overcome these obstacles, ensuring sustained focus and momentum throughout your workday.
  • ​Week 3: Elevating Your Time Management for Maximum Impact. Amplify your breakthrough habits and master advanced time management routines. Learn innovative techniques like habit stacking to boost efficiency. Develop strategies for continuous improvement, ensuring your time management skills evolve with your leadership role.

Fast Forward Feedback 

Accelerate Success and Transform Your Team's Performance

Master In-the-Moment Coaching for Rapid Staff Growth in 3 Weeks


This focused coaching program empowers leaders to learn, practice, and master Fast Forward Feedback, a rapid, forward-focused coaching approach that drives daily growth in frontline staff through immediate, in-the-moment feedback.

  • Week 1: Mastering the Fast Forward Feedback Approach. Elevate your expectations and accountability as you learn and receive coaching on the transformative Fast Forward Feedback methodology.
  • Week 2Driving High-Impact Performance. Quickly elevate staff performance in critical areas that drive results, with personalized coaching to help you excel at driving daily performance.
  • ​Week 3: Sustaining a High-Performance Team. Maintain a thriving, high-performance team using Fast Forward Feedback, with self-coaching exercises to reinforce your skills and ensure ongoing success.

The Retail Leadership Breakthrough

Unlock Your Leadership Potential and Drive Rapid Growth 

Personalized Blended Coaching for Transformative Results in Just 4 Weeks


This intensive blended coaching program empowers retail store owners and managers to unleash their leadership potential, catalyze rapid personal and business growth, and acquire the skills and strategies needed to inspire their teams and achieve extraordinary results.

  • Week 1: Discovering Your Leadership Potential. Uncover your unique leadership strengths, challenges, and opportunities through a series of daily video coaching sessions, laying the foundation for your transformative journey.
  • Week 2Developing Your Customized Growth Strategy. Create a tailored leadership growth plan in a one-on-one session with Doug, complemented by daily assignments designed to accelerate your progress.
  • ​Week 3: Implementing Your Leadership Breakthroughs. Integrate your leadership breakthroughs into daily routines and habits, ensuring long-term success and sustained growth.
  • Week 4: Amplifying Your Impact and Sustaining Growth. Enhance your influence, create a sustainable growth plan, and solidify your transformation with a final one-on-one call, setting the stage for ongoing success.

Doug Fleener's Real World Expertise 

With Proven Results

"...Doug's hands-on coaching delivered immediate improvements and sustainable growth for our stores." - Director of Retail

"Doug Fleener's innovative and straightforward coaching completely transformed me as an owner. I'm more engaged with my staff while, at the same time, I have so much less stress. I've also been able to continue to grow our sales year over year. 
You know how much I appreciate you!" - Store owner

"Doug has been so influential in my management career. I am such a better coach and leader. He taught me how to look at my staff and customer engagement in a way that constantly finds higher levels of performance. What surprised me the most was how my staff wanted to be coached. That never would have happened without some nudges (more like pushes) from Doug." - Store manager

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Meet Your Coach

Doug Fleener

Doug Fleener, creator of Learn, Coach, and Grow, is a renowned leadership and daily performance expert. As the former director of retail for Bose Corporation, he brings unparalleled insights to help you unlock your full potential.

His book, "The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life)," offers a powerful blueprint for success, focusing on daily mindset shifts and intentional actions tailored to your unique goals – the foundation of Learn, Coach, and Grow.

​Through personalized coaching, Doug helps you implement these transformative strategies, developing the skills, habits, and mindset to thrive as a retail leader and achieve extraordinary results.

To learn more about Doug's background, visit www.DougFleener.com.

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You can start any Learn, Coach, and Grow Coachic without risk. If, after the first week's session, you feel the program isn't the right fit for you, simply request a full refund.

Please note that refund requests must be made before the start of the second week's session. We are committed to your satisfaction and success and believe in the value of our coaching so much that we offer this 100% money-back guarantee.

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